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Photocopiers come in so many configurations and sizes so it is understandable that many decisions are not made easy. If you require a simple Desktop machine with no bells or whistles, we can accommodate you. However, you are still bound to get some bells. A lot of our newer machines in the second-hand class can be upgraded for future expansion in your business so if you anticipate that you may need extra facilities then we can help you with a machine to suit this need. At Aplus we will do our best to supply you with the ideal photocopier with or without accessories to suit your requirements. We also like to give you the options to futureproof your business against growing needs, all at a Great Price!

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Refurbished photocopiers are very affordableOur Refurbished Used Photocopiers are exclusive to the Wellington Region.

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Used Photocopiers

So many times we hear the phrase’ paperless world’, we are all moving to electronic filing, emails, abolishing the use of paper, saving the world one tree at a time. Why is it then, that every office I go in, has an abundance of paper? The networks are up, computers on, emails pinging back and forth (sometimes just between two desks in the same building), the fax machine is buzzing, the photocopier is whirling and the stationary cupboard is stacked full of paper.

In truth, despite the electronic age, many of us still prefer to work from a piece of paper. Emails are printed, contracts, letters, legal documents and the like are all photocopied (with the obligatory signature) to be filed, stored for future reference. There is safety in the knowledge that you have a printed copy, somewhere safe, just in case the system crashes irrecoverably.

This leads to the obvious question, which piece of equipment is the best for this role? Should we all be using desktop printers, or desktop Multifunction Copiers (MFC), or, maybe, a standard black and white photocopier? A big part of the answer to this is your budget, if funds are no object and image is everything, get the latest MFC, you may not use most of the features, you may find a lot of unnecessary colour copying done (at significant cost) but you will have a very smart looking piece of equipment in the office – as long as you keep up the monthly lease payment!

The majority of small businesses are more interested in getting the most resource for their money, so, with so many options on the market, which is the best to choose? The most important aspects are cost of the product, in particular running costs, and convenience, usability – sometimes the most cost effective solution for a business is not the most efficient.

What Costs Are Involved in Purchasing A Photocopier

There are two distinct types of cost – the initial / purchase cost and the running costs. Photocopiers are generally expensive brand new and most companies prefer to lease them, but have you thought about second hand copiers? In particular have you thought about using a black and white copier? Research and experience have shown that it is, in fact, very rare to actually need something colour copied, colour copying is far more expensive than black and white, both in terms of the print charge (for leased copiers) and in terms of the ink usage / cost. There are also additional parts – cartridges, chips, control mechanisms which can go wrong in these machines and result in costly repairs. A black and white photocopier does the same job with less risk of breakdown (due to less parts to go wrong) and at lower cost. The toner ink on a black and white copier is cheaper, per page printed, than ink for a conventional printer or desktop MFC.

A second hand, black and white photocopier, as sold on our site – Aplus Business Equipment, is a lot cheaper than you think, once installed there is either no ongoing service cost (just pay for services) or a very cheap price for an ongoing service / maintenance package. In business terms, the cost of buying the second hand printer would be covered within a year against the cost of the average colour photocopier lease (start up, install and rental charge). As already touched upon, a black and white printer has less ink to replace so funds are saved on ink and the black toner ink is cheaper per page than a desktop printer, or a desktop MFC. A black and white photocopier also has the advantage that one person can order the toner and keep it stocked, as opposed to several people ordering ink for their own desktop printers / MFC’s – this often results in rushed purchases as need for the product outstrips buying at the best price. We must also consider the costs of having multiple printers on individual staff member’s desks – both in terms of the initial outlay and multiple inks required.

The second, equally important consideration is the versatility and usability of the printer or photocopier. If all staff had a printer on their desk, we are promoting laziness and over printing. If people need to get up to print something they will think more about whether it actually needs printing, this will reduce print costs and have a positive effect on the environment. As long as the photocopier is not too far away (i.e. within a 30 second walk) it is likely that there will be a productivity saving, the convenience of printing at their own desk would be replaced with printing only what was really needed and doing it at the same time – creating more productive time.

So, unless your office is made up of a multitude of individual offices, separated by narrow hallways, then it would make most sense, economically, environmentally and practically to have a central photocopier to print to. It is also undoubtedly better to make this a black and white copier, so call us on Wellington 04 5637371 / 0272772506 and see how good a deal we can do you today!