Toshiba Erasable Toner Technology

The Green Importance Of Erasable Toner

Most offices are plagued with inefficiency when it comes to managing the enormous quantity of business documents produced on a daily basis. Most of these firms are always on the hunt for an efficient filing system that can accommodate the sheer volumes of paperwork. This can be a cause of added expenditure on new paper, not to mention the toner costs.

This, however, can soon change if such companies embrace erasable toners as the way forward. This significantly minimizes the amount of printed documentation a business entity produces. Not forgetting how it facilitates for the reuse of printed documents, or any other paperwork most firms create in their mundane day to day affairs. This can save a substantial amount of financial resources that would ordinarily be used in purchasing printing stationery.

One pacesetting example of these products that has recently rocked the technological world, happens to be Toshiba’s e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30MFP. This outstanding toner can instantly erase all the data or printed documents, be they images or text. This simply occurs by passing the printed paper through this system, which creates a high temperature that expunges the ink from the paper. This machine can do this up to 5 different times on the same paper, which in the “green scope of things” constitutes for approximately 57% decrease in such a system’s carbon dioxide emissions.

One other advantage of Toshiba’s Erasable Toner Suite is its automatic mode of identifying which paper is reusable and which one is not. This is done prior to the erasing of toner colour in the printed paper, and the eventual digitalization of the expunged data. This at one go does away with the perpetual problem most business firms face, that of filing and efficient management of their printed documents. And as aforementioned, saves the erased data on the system for rapid and convenient retrieval or perusal of critical paper documents, and the space that would normally be apportioned to keep a firm’s documents.

Following their universally acclaimed “differentiation in eco-printing” strategy, Toshiba has been manufacturing multifunctional printers with advanced environmental-friendly technology. Which in this case means decreasing the MFP’s weight, size and energy efficiency. Needless to mention its cost cutting attributes of facilitating the saving and reuse of printed paper.

Toshiba’s top of the class design team, integrated bio-based plastics, a stark contrast to the ubiquitous petroleum-based plastics, into environmentally sound and effective reusable paper MFP. Such raw materials are usually extracted from certain types of plants, and are renowned for their environmental friendliness. This is largely due to the fact that they produce 20% lesser carbon dioxide in comparison to their petroleum-based counterparts.

Utilizing this system can, on the other hand, cause a significant decrease in a company’s ecological footprint and can trigger advantageous endorsements from the relevant authorities, and “greenies” in your area. This can be a key component to creating a sustainable future, not only for your firm, but also for posterity’s sake. There are many other elements to talk about but this is an insight in this regard.