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Renting means –

  • No service charges as these are covered in the rental.
  • No worries about your photocopier becoming redundant when you upgrade your computers.
  • No Capital Outlay which allows you to channel money into growing other important parts of your business.
  • The peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a professional company that cares about your bottom line.

Renting frees up capital for other projects so why not give us a call

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Copier Rental is a great way to save money to Develop Your Business in other areas.

We have a continually changing stock of first-class photocopiers available for long term rent or lease.
When the outright purchase of a photocopier doesn’t quite match the available finances then you should decide on rental.
Let us know what you want in a copier and we will endeavor to match your requirements with a rental package to suit your needs.

Aplus Business Equipment in Wellington recommends renting a photocopier because of the benefits for a company wanting to really control its annual operating budget.

Why Rental Photocopiers Are a Good Investment

The photocopier is a staple of any office.
Whether tucked into a little back room, the hallway or right in the middle of the office on a desk, it will be there somewhere! Long since gone are the days when it was a novelty, although it probably still gets some abuse during the annual staff party!!!

As you current one starts to get older, you will be noticing the parts are getting harder to come by, possibly more expensive and, definitely needed more often! It’s probably time to replace it.

Unfortunately, a new photocopier is an expensive item, the better a copier you wish to get, the more expensive it becomes. Photocopiers can be useful networked, allowing all members of staff to access them and print to them.

Modern copiers are usually scanners and sometimes even fax machines as well.
There can be huge time savings to all members of staff, but, as always, the machines that have all the best functions have the highest prices. These options are available even with the simpler range of black and white photocopiers – how often do you really need a colour copier?

Your Photocopier Options

Finance: We finance most other significant Capital expenditures in the business, so why not the photocopier? It should last at least five years and we can offset the depreciation against our profits over this time. Obviously, the cost of the maintenance and servicing agreement will have to be paid year to year, but surely, being new, it will have few, if any breakdowns? This, of course, depends on the amount of work it will be doing and the care the staff take when using it.

There is also the interest to think about, no finance company offers their funds without making a charge! Between the finance charge (including interest) and the maintenance / service charge there will be a fairly healthy commitment over the next three to five years – the average length of a lease.

Rental: A commitment, such as above, to finance, could carry a significant risk, possibly even personally guaranteed. Consideration should be given to an unforeseen problem that could arise in the business. Would you be able to cancel the lease? At what cost? The more we look at the risks and the costs of finance the more it makes sense to rent the copier. Rental offers many, distinct, advantages.

There is no Capital deposit to put down, no finance forms to fill in, guarantee and pay interest on month by month. There is no monthly maintenance fee – this is included in the monthly rental figure. There is also the added bonus of a quick, guaranteed repair or replacement / loan photocopier whilst yours is being sorted.

Unlike the finance option, your photocopier will never go out of date, under the rental agreement you will have the option to upgrade your copier periodically. This is an excellent way to stay on top of the latest developments in the field and make the most of the equipment you have without any additional outlay.

Locking in the Rental Photocopier

Please contact us at Aplus, we are here to help. We are a well-established, professional Company, we believe in looking after our clients and will happily sit with you many times, both to help pick the right product and to ensure it remains the right product.

We have a wide range of photocopiers to rent and are able to meet any ones needs, we supply, install and train you in the product and are always on hand to assist with any technical issues or operational questions.

Of course, you could look at the option to finance the machine yourself, if you have the cash available. Our question would simply be why? The funds could probably be used better in other parts of the business – marketing, promotions, research & development, etc. or simply held as an emergency fund.

Renting with us, takes away all the hassle and additional costs, you have a fixed figure for your annual budget and an expert team on hand to assist. We help you make the decision as to which photocopier you really need, you may find, like so many of our clients, that Renting a photocopier is the most cost-effective way of improving your office productivity.

Contact us at Wellington 04 5637371 / 027 2772506 if you need any advice or answers to your queries.