Photocopier Copy Contracts and Costs Involved

Photocopiers and Copy Cost Contracts

There is a trend in the industry that doesn’t appear to be in the customers interest.

I am talking about the immergence of the trend to finance copy cost on your New Photocopier installation.

Would you knowingly consent to paying a tax on a tax. If not then why do firms finance Copy Block?

I have been asked several times what my views are on financing copy block. My answer is simple. In my view I believe it is not a sound business decision. However, I also believe that people who sign these contracts have no reason to complain. They should be well aware of any not so transparent costs involved.

What is ‘financing copy block? It is the act of including the cost per copy, from your New Photocopier installation, in your finance package.

Now on the surface this seems clean and seemless. BUT! LOOK DEEPER!

The reason for most companies to accept a new deal on a Photocopier, be it Colour or Black and White, is their projected ongoing costs. In this case we are talking about what it costs every time someone makes a copy (cost per click).


Supply Company A quoted at 1.1 cents per A4 click

Supply Company B quoted at 1.2 cents per A4 click.

Supply Company A helped you make it clean and seemless by adding your Copy Block (projected copies per month/quarter) into your finance package so you know what is going out each month.

Supply Company B left the contract as status quo whereby you either pay your minimum monthly charge or actual charge if you do volume copies.

Now, on the surface the deal from Supply Company A looks pretty darn good BUT WAIT! You have financed your 1.1 cents per copy. All of a sudden your 1.1cents per copy is a bit dearer than you expected.

It is not rocket science and not for me to be judgemental but would you think it wise to borrow money to buy petrol for your fleet of vehicles.

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