Original Toner, Parallel Toner or Refilled Toner Cartridges

OEM Original Toner – Is it really better than Compatible Toner

When asked the question whether one should use original toner, parallel import or refilled toner cartridges I really do not think there is a right or wrong answer.
There are many contributing factors that influence the decision and the biggest one is price. When businesses trade close to the bottom line it is a necessary to protect what meager profits there are by cutting costs where possible.

In the case of Warranty I believe that a Company should protect the warranty period by using the OEM product. There are a couple of tell tale signs with toner mismatch that could void warranty if something goes wrong with the machine itself.

The difference between parallel import toner and refilled toner cartridges is an easier question to answer.
Again, this is down to individual preference but when you can buy a brand new cartridge (not oem) for roughly the same price as wandering off to get one refilled, you would have to ask the question ‘why did I bother’. Same product, same price and all new components should make this one a little easier to answer.
In summary, the choice of whether to use Original Toner, Parallel Toner or refills is up t the individual but warranty periods and product price should be considered.