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Advanced Document Solutions have been pro-active in the Wellington Region bringing the reliability of the Toshiba brand of Photocopiers back up to it’s rightful level in the industry. The Quality of Toshiba is backed by expert service so you can have every confidence when you choose your new Toshiba Photocopier.

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Toshiba Photocopier Are Loaded With Features

From the giant, bulky boxes in the mid-50s to the sleek, modern models with various additional features, photocopiers have come a long way over the years. There are dozens of innovative companies on the cutting edge of document replication and printing technology, and of them all, Toshiba is one of the leaders of the pack.

It’s important to keep in mind that, in this day and age, most photocopiers don’t serve the singular purpose of photocopying documents anymore. Many recent models are all-in-one machines that can also print, scan, fax and digitally store documents and images. This saves you time when you need to move quickly and money when you need all these functions but are on a tight budget.

Make sure you determine everything you need from a new photocopier before you decide on purchasing one. Some models come with support for cloud storage, meaning that every document you scan is saved digitally to a database you manage online, so that your team can view, edit and download your documents and print, fax or copy them on their own. However, it might be the case that you don’t require these bells and whistles, in which case you should look at a simpler model you could save money on.

In this list we’ll be looking at some of the most powerful features that Toshiba has created for their all-in-one document handling solutions. All of these features are included in their eStudio line, which encompasses many different models of varying sizes and workload capacities; some are suited for smaller businesses while others are for bigger ones with more demands and requirements. No matter the size of your business, Toshiba has prepared an array of technological marvels guaranteed to help improve your business’s efficiency.

Remote Management

With Remote Management you’ll be able to access your eStudio machine and give it tasks to complete wherever you may be, either from your computer, your smartphone or your tablet. Maybe you’ve just received a PDF or a Word document from a client that needs to be printed and left on a coworker or employee’s desk as soon as possible, but you’re not in the office to take care of it. With a few clicks on a mouse or some taps on a screen you can have your document printing within seconds – it will be done before you notify your coworker that they need to pick it up.

Likewise, if you receive a document that you need a group of employees to go over in a meeting, you can print out copies and have them looking at them in no time. This is an essential feature that will save you incredible amounts of time and make your entire business more efficient.

Secure MFP

Did you know that over $600 billion dollars are lost every year due to fraud worldwide? Did you also know that 50%-70% of identity theft cases occur in work environments? Those are just a few of the many reasons why Toshiba implements strict security protocol to ensure that all your documents are as safe as possible.

With Secure MFP your device will be completely secure from being accessed by the wrong hands, preventing them from getting to the documents you keep on file. Likewise, you can use your device to destroy any documents you no longer need and make sure that no one can find any traces of them afterwards.

You can meet with one of Toshiba’s Professional Services Consultants to talk to them about the security measures they implement.


You can say goodbye to the clutter and aggravation of having all your documents in bulky file cabinets that take up so much office space; Toshiba’s all-in-one solutions come equipped with eBRIDGE functionality, which allow you to digitally manage all of your documents from a single place. Using the touchscreen that each eStudio model comes equipped with, you can download apps for eBRIDGE that will help you organize and manage your files however you may need to.

This secure service allows you to look at the audit history of all documents; text search your database to find specific files and information; and highlight, underline, take notes or white-out any text you’ve uploaded. These are all stored in redundant data servers that are encrypted for your protection.

These are just some of the features that make the eStudio line of powerful machines some of the most acclaimed in the industry – not to mention their ultra-fast printing and copying times and stunning production quality!

Visit Toshiba’s website for in-depth overviews of all the features each model has to offer.