Computer Maintenance Software To Enhance Your Computing Experience

Complete PC Maintenance Software

At Aplus we both use and recommend the following software.

  1. AVG FREE (free)
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials (free)
  3. CCleaner (free)

When your data, business or personal, is important you need excellent protection for your computer system(s). Antivirus Software is a must on your computer and it’s good to have one installed that you can trust.

Another consideration is the security of your photocopier. Security protocols are being upgraded on your operating platform and your broadband so it is important to keep your copier at a matching level of security.

We still recommend AVG FREE but we now use McAfees as it has come as an addon with our broadband supplier

We use it along with Microsoft Security Essentials and are very happy with the performance of BOTH so far.
What’s more they are both FREE and we like that price.

  2. Try Microsoft Security Essentials (you need to have a validated copy of Windows)
  3. CCleaner FREE