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Buying a New Photocopier? Your Checklist

4 Things to check before buying a used photocopier

When starting a new business, people are often prone to spending a lot of money upfront. They spend a huge sum of money decorating and equipping their office. However, in these tough and volatile financial times, the more money you are able to save, the more sustainability you bring to your business. This is exactly why buying used photocopiers and other office equipment is a good idea. There are plenty of new businesses that close down and their owners are forced to sell their relatively new photocopiers. Getting hold of these …

Used Photocopiers – Are They Cost Effective Answer?

The Benefits of Buying a Second-Hand Photocopier

So many times, we hear the phrase’ paperless world’, we are all moving to electronic filing, emails, abolishing the use of paper, saving the world one tree at a time. Why is it then, that every office I go in, has an abundance of paper? The networks are up, computers on, emails pinging back and forth (sometimes just between two desks in the same building), the fax machine is buzzing, the photocopier is whirling and the stationary cupboard is stacked full of paper.

In truth, despite the electronic age, many of us still …

Perks of Photocopiers in Your Workplace

Photocopiers are a very important addition to any work place thus you should ensure you have them if you want to benefit from their functionality in your business. They have been in existence for more than 70 years and keep getting better thanks to advancement in technology. They are mainly used to make copies of various documents but you can also get others that have multi-function devices like color photocopies and fax allowing you to kill one bird with two stones enhancing functionality and productivity as well as lowering the cost of ownership. Other benefits you can get from the

Photocopier Copy Contracts and Costs Involved

Photocopiers and Copy Cost Contracts

There is a trend in the industry that doesn’t appear to be in the customers interest.

I am talking about the immergence of the trend to finance copy cost on your New Photocopier installation.

Would you knowingly consent to paying a tax on a tax. If not then why do firms finance Copy Block?

I have been asked several times what my views are on financing copy block. My answer is simple. In my view I believe it is not a sound business decision. However, I also believe that people who sign these contracts have …

Original Toner, Parallel Toner or Refilled Toner Cartridges

OEM Original Toner – Is it really better than Compatible Toner

When asked the question whether one should use original toner, parallel import or refilled toner cartridges I really do not think there is a right or wrong answer.
There are many contributing factors that influence the decision and the biggest one is price. When businesses trade close to the bottom line it is a necessary to protect what meager profits there are by cutting costs where possible.

In the case of Warranty I believe that a Company should protect the warranty period by using the OEM product. There are …