Buying a New Photocopier? Your Checklist

4 Things to check before buying a used photocopier

When starting a new business, people are often prone to spending a lot of money upfront. They spend a huge sum of money decorating and equipping their office. However, in these tough and volatile financial times, the more money you are able to save, the more sustainability you bring to your business. This is exactly why buying used photocopiers and other office equipment is a good idea. There are plenty of new businesses that close down and their owners are forced to sell their relatively new photocopiers. Getting hold of these machines can help you setup your office at a much lower expense. To help you out, here’s our list of 4 things you need to check before buying a used photocopier.

1. Check Essential Features: Even though your aim is to save money, you should not compromise on the features. Depending on your business need, note down the desired features such as scanning capability, minimum copy speed, copy volume before heading off to the second hand copier store. Another great way is to research and select a particular model and then look for that same copier in the second hand copier shops. Remember if you fail to buy a machine that gets the job done, the whole investment can turn out to be a waste.

2. Check If It’s Refurbished: If you had to choose between a refurbished and a non-refurbished model, it’s best to go for the refurbished one. The one that’s not refurbished may cost you little less but can also have hidden problems. A refurbished copier is much more reliable as it is checked and repaired before being sold.

3. Check For Warranty: Just because you are investing in an used copier doesn’t mean you have to compromise on warranty. If it’s relatively new, it may still be well within the original warranty period. If you are buying the machine from a second hand dealer, make sure you at least get a warranty for 6 months.

4. Check The Number Of Copies Made: The best way to check the usage of the machine is to check the number of copies it has made. Most copiers today come with an integrated counter that keeps a count of the total number of copies made using that machine. Similar to the mileage meter in your car, this serves as the most reliable method to check the usage of a machine before settling on a price.