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Toshiba Erasable Toner Technology

The Green Importance Of Erasable Toner

Most offices are forever plagued with inefficiency when it comes to managing the enormous quantity of business documents they produce on a daily basis. And most of these firms are always on the hunt for an efficient filing system that can accommodate the sheer volumes of paperwork they utilize. This can be a cause of inflating the expenditure on new printable paper, not to mention the toners required to carry out any printing task.

Erasable Toner TechnologyThis, however, can soon change if such companies embrace erasable toners as the way forward in streamlining their filing needs. This, naturally, significantly minimizes the amount of printed documents that a business entity can produce. Not forgetting how it facilitates for the reuse of printed documents, or any other paperwork most firms create in their mundane day to day affairs. This can save a substantial amount of financial resources that would ordinarily be used in purchasing printing stationery.

One of a pacesetting example of these products that has recently rocked the technological world, happens to be Toshiba’s e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30MFP. This outstanding toner can instantly erase all the data or printed documents, be they images or text. This simply occurs by passing the printed paper through this system, which creates a high temperature that expunges the ink from the paper. This machine can do this up to 5 different times on the same paper, which in the “green scope of things” constitutes for approximately 57% decrease in such a system’s carbon dioxide emissions.

One other advantage of Toshiba’s Erasable Toner Suite is its automatic mode of identifying which paper is reusable and which one is not. This is done prior to the erasing of toner colour in the printed paper, and the eventual digitalization of the expunged data. This at one go does away with the perpetual problem most business firms face, that of filing and efficient management of their printed documents. And as aforementioned, saves the erased data on the system for rapid and convenient retrieval or perusal of critical paper documents, and the space that would normally be apportioned to keep a firm’s documents.

Following their universally acclaimed “differentiation in eco-printing” strategy, Toshiba has over the recent years being manufacturing multifunctional printers with advanced environmental-friendly technology. Which in this case means decreasing the MFP’s weight, size and energy efficiency. Needless to mention its cost cutting attributes of facilitating the saving and reusal of printed paper.

Toshiba’s top of the class design team, integrated bio-based plastics, a stark contrast to the ubiquitous petroleum-based plastics, into environmentally sound and effective reusable paper MFP. Such raw materials are usually extracted from certain types of plants, and are renowned for their environmental friendliness. Which is largely due to the fact that they produce 20% lesser carbon dioxide in comparison to their petroleum-based counterparts.

Utilizing this system can, on the other hand, cause a significant decrease in a company’s ecological footprint and can trigger advantageous endorsements from the relevant authorities, and “greenies” in your area. And this can be a key component of creating a sustainable future, not only for your firm, but also for posterity’s sake. There are many other elements to talk about but this is an insight in this regard.

New Photocopiers – Impressive Technology

Photocopiers Remain In Charge

There have been very significant advancements in technology over recent years. Due to these advancements, there are now many ways of digitally transferring and editing all the various types of documents that one is likely to come into contact with over the course of the working day. The world is becoming more and more digital – but there will never be a replacement for having physical copies of your brochures, forms, contracts and other types of documents. That is where having access to a new photocopier will come in handy. This old office workhorse is still one of the most reliable and economical ways to make a large number of copies very quickly. Photocopiers are no longer restricted to simply producing boring black and white copies. The modern technology used in the production of new photocopiers is simply outstanding!

Crisp Reproduction

These machines can copy and collate at light speed in black and white as well as color. However, the new copiers are capable of printing images, text, and graphics in high definition quality that is sure to grab the attention of even the most discerning customer. Thanks to these high-definition images there will be no illegible letters or foggy images each document will be so crisp and clean that they will all look to be the original and will be indistinguishable from one another.

Smart Technology

All the new copiers being produced also come equipped with smart technology that allows them to be linked into the very epicenter of your office. This allows each of your employees to communicate directly with the copy machine without having to leave their workstation to make copies. This will dramatically increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. Not to mention, it is highly cost effective as the advancements in technology will allow companies the same amount of productivity with fewer actual copy machines on-site.

Consumable Efficient

Another benefit of new photocopiers is that these new copiers are programmed to use only the prescribed amount of toner to get the job done. This means that no toner is being wasted. The new photocopiers are also capable of communicating their own needs and notifying you when a machine is close to running out of ink or toner. It will automatically place an order with your companies chosen distributor thereby minimizing the chances of experiencing a significant down time in between replacing toner cartridges.

Erasable Ink

While the abilities of a new photocopier to communicate with other workstations, print in high definition color and graphics and even keep track of its own maintenance is extremely impressive, there is new technology that is really surprising. Perhaps the most impressive advancements to be added to the repertoire of photocopiers is the ability to use erasable toner! That’s right, erasable toner for a photocopier. Meaning that if there is a misprinted copy, or the need to update information on the fly it will not result in a complete waste of toner or paper as it can be erased and simply rewritten. So the photocopier will continue to be in office workhorse for many years to come.

New Photocopiers – Toshiba

Toshiba is a trusted worldwide brand well known for its high quality multifunction devices. At Toshiba, you will get high quality multifunctional photocopiers, printers, facsimile devices as well as document management soft wares. Over the years, Toshiba has grown to be a major contributing member of the greater global community. And as such, they are always growing and developing their products in order to meet the growing needs of the world. Therefore, this sustainable and well-calculated development has seen the development of the new Toshiba photocopiers

The new photocopiers have their place well cut out in the business world. They are helping offices achieve an accelerated productivity to help them keep pace with the output demands. The new copiers have been able to achieve breathtaking color and clarity due to their high quality images. The unsurpassed ease of use enables them achieve optimal multifunctional operations. Therefore, if you are a businessperson and in the delivery of your services lots of material is photocopied or printed then you need to borrow a leave and get ready for these integrated office network ready devices.

Let us have a look at some of the new Toshiba photocopiers and some of the tasks they can carry out. We take a closer look at the Toshiba e-Studio copiers, a product that has caused a bit of attention and excitement for it efficiency. The e-Studio copier is a clear indication of Toshiba`s quality commitment. The e-Studio 3540c copier, for example, has out of the average network printing and scanning capabilities. The copier can produce 35 color copies per minute. It also features two large paper trays that can hold 550 papers, a 1GB ram memory to enable fast pooling from the computer and incredible 35-copy-per-minute engine. The copier only takes a few seconds to warm up which means continuous productivity over a long period. With a standard 80GB hard drive, it is possible for you to store your documents in the copier and reproduce them later when you need them. Certainly, there is a lot to say about the e-Studio 3540c copiers, and the above feature applies to most of the e-Studio copiers with only minor details here and there making the difference.

The Toshiba 4520 series is another amazing Toshiba product. This high quality color system effortlessly integrates into the networks as well as the workflows. This ensures that the device complies with the highest security and environmental standards. This 2820c color printer is still part of the large e-Studio copier’s family and it allows easy management of your office work as well as achieving quality productivity. Other e-studio copiers currently available in the market include- the e-Studio 223 copier, which, comes at a rather friendly price and the e-Studio 195, 225,306, & 256 copiers that are also relatively cheaper but also uphold that same high quality productivity. Colored e-Studio copiers are a bit more expensive with the 3040c color copier & the 3540c color copier going for not less than $3,000.

It is my hope that the new Toshiba photocopiers help you in a big way to complete your copy or print job. They are amazing devices seeking to bring to productivity to another new level. All we need to do is embrace them and then maybe our work would be a lot easier.

The Convenience Of Using Rental Photocopiers

If you are trusted with the job of running an office, it is important to ensure that everything always runs efficiently. It is your job to make sure the office is supplied with printing equipment that are functioning properly. One of the most important machines in an office is the photocopier machine. There are several means of acquiring a copier and one common way used by most companies today is renting a photocopier.

Understanding Photocopier Renting

Photocopier renting is simply acquiring a photocopier on a rental basis. These days, there are numerous office equipment companies that deal with rental photocopiers and there are numerous benefits associated with renting a photocopier especially if you are just starting out on your business.

Why You Should Rent A Photocopier

When a company or office decides to rent a photocopier, they only pay for using the machine but not for ownership. This makes it easy for a company to obtain a photocopier without paying for it outright. There are numerous benefits that compel companies to go for rental photocopiers as opposed to purchasing one.
Benefits of renting a photocopier

Conservation Of Cash Flow

When a company decides on renting a photocopier, they do not need to place a cash deposit or spend large amounts of money as would have been the case if they decided to purchase a photocopier. This ensures that the money is put into other users like investment or building the business’s infrastructure.


When a company rents a photocopier, they enjoy the flexibility when it comes to upgrades and payments. This is because, they can upgrade to the latest photocopier technology without worrying about the cost or loss of disposing the old equipment. It is also possible to change the rental photocopier providers for lower rates whenever the need be.

Reduction In The Cost Of Ownership

When a company owns a photocopier, it means that they have to handle upgrades and maintenance costs. When you rent a photocopier, you only need to call in the service provider for maintenance when need be at no extra cost. Overall, it is cheaper as the company does not have to purchase toners ink of cartridges and they do not have to pay for repairs.

Preservation Of The Credit Line

When a company rents a photocopier, they are able to preserve the available bank credit line for extra working capital, expansion, operations and acquisition. If a company decides to buy a copier, they will probably require financing from the bank and this exhausts the credit available. This is not the best options for a growing company.

Easy budgeting

When a company rents a photocopier, it makes it easy to plan and budget for the expenses depending on the period of the rental contract. This ensures that the company is also informed on the required funding for the rental copier and this makes it easy to plan company finances.
Undeniably, renting a photocopier is easier and overall beneficial for the company in the short and long term.

Used Photocopiers

Setting up a fully equipped office isn’t cheap. Office furniture, computers, accessories, and other facilities need lots of money, which can be a big burden on small and medium businesses. Photocopiers are no exception. Just look at the prices of latest photocopies and you’d find it impossible to arrange that kind of money in the beginning. That’s the reason why so many people are now interested in used photocopiers. By buying a used photocopier, you can cut down your expenses by more than half, and can use the money elsewhere.

These days many people are buying used photocopiers from reputable sellers. Investing in used photocopiers can benefit any company or individual in several ways, and that’s the reason why so many businesses are now interested in buying used machines. A quality used photocopier can cost just one third of the brand new machine. This will allow you to spend your investment on other things. Old and used photocopiers can still offer you high quality copies just like brand new ones. Especially, if you are not interested in copying high end graphics or details, used copiers would be the best option for your office. Any quality used photocopier can easily handle text documents with absolutely no difference from a brand new one.

The best way to get a deal on used photocopiers is to buy them from reputable companies that have been in this field since years. A properly refurbished photocopier and not the one that has just been cleaned to look like a new one would give full value for money. Technicians from companies selling used photocopiers check that there are no worn out or damaged parts in the machine. They immediately replace the worn out parts with the new ones. Some sellers also offer warranty, which is also the best indication that seller is sure about his product. Insurance is best for used color photocopiers, or black and white ones. It’s the best investment as it covers the cost of service as well. Some companies also offer maintenance agreement that includes all parts of the machine.

It would be a great option to explore the possibilities of buying online by researching on what you business really needs. Whether you need high end copies or are interested in just simple duplication work, there are always used photocopiers that are available that will be suitable for your needs. Best of all, online sellers can ship your photocopiers right to your door within days. So you can get your printer without stepping out of your office!

Many sellers offer deals if you have requirement for multiple copiers or other office equipment in go. You should do your research online, seek references from business associates, and choose the best company after reading reviews and references. It’s best to buy from a reputable company that sells quality products and supplies parts as well. Don’t go for the cheapest machine as it may not last for long. So buy a good used photocopier at good rates and cut down your expense!